Collection: Nakiri

What is a nakiri Knife?

Sometimes called Japanese vegetable knives, nakiri knives look like smaller, slimmer versions of a meat cleaver. They have a broad, rectangular shape, and they almost always have a hollow ground edge, which is very sharp.

What is a nakiri knife used for?

Nakiri knives are an excellent tool for chopping vegetables. Because of their squared shape and straight edge, you can use them to chop right through to the chopping board without needing to rock the blade backwards and forwards: instead, you just bring the blade down in a single chopping motion. This makes nakiri knives one of the best tools for larger veg which are often difficult to cut, like sweet potatoes or butternut squash.

The deep, flat blade makes them a great choice for shredding larger veggies like cabbages or lettuce, too. The keenly sharp edge can also be used to create very thin, even slices, so it’s perfect if you like to add ribbons of vegetables to dishes as a garnish. - Alliance Online